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An accident that causes a serious personal injury can happen anyplace, anytime. But often what is initially considered to be “just an accident” is anything but. Usually, someone is at fault.

Across Georgia, thousands of people every year go to the hospital or doctor because of a personal injury. Across the country each year, millions seek medical help for personal injuries, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta. Hundreds of thousands of people in our country die each year because of personal injuries from accidents.

The Atlanta personal injury lawyers of Millar & Mixon, LLC, has recovered millions of dollars for Georgia residents injured as a result of other people’s negligence. We are trial lawyers, meaning we never represent insurance companies. We are personal injury attorneys who know what is important to accident victims.

If you have been injured in an accident or if you are being unfairly treated by an insurance company, call the Atlanta personal injury attorneys of Millar & Mixon now at 770-477-6360 or use our contact page for a free consultation and case evaluation. When you call our law firm, you will be connected to a lawyer, or you will receive a return call right away from an attorney, for a free discussion of your injury case. You can trust our Atlanta lawyers to carefully evaluate your case and discuss your options with you at every step. If our law firm is not able to help you, we may be able to help you find another lawyer or law firm who can.

Accidents, Injuries And Georgia Law

The CDC in Atlanta says accidental personal injuries are the fifth leading cause of death in the nation. There are more than 118,000 “unintentional injury deaths” in a typical year in the U.S. This is a fatality rate of 38.4 deaths per 100,000.

Serious injuries can take many forms, but they have many things in common. Serious injuries are costly in terms of pain and suffering, medical bills, property damage (such as to a car in a traffic accident), lost wages and, in many cases, costs for rehabilitation therapy, assistive devices and long-term care.

When an accident is really the fault of another person or persons, a company or a manufacturer, the at-fault party should bear the burden of the expenses that befall the personal injury victim. Insurance companies often are supposed pay these expenses, but insurers profit by paying as little as possible on claims. Most victims need legal help to obtain the compensation they deserve.

Our experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyers at Millar & Mixon, LLC, in Atlanta, can negotiate a proper settlement with insurance companies or file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault parties. In the case of a death from an accident, our lawyers can pursue a wrongful death claim on behalf of one or more surviving family members.

Our Atlanta accident lawyers handle serious personal injury cases including:

  • Car Accidents – About 1,200 people die in Georgia car accidents during an average year, and thousands more suffer serious injuries. Even less severe car accident injuries can cause serious financial problems, not to mention physical and emotional pain.
  • Tractor-Trailer Accidents – Truck accident cases are very different from car accident cases because of the complexity of the issues involved and the seriousness of the injuries. When violations of federal or state regulations lead to a wreck that causes injury or death, the truck driver and/or trucking company may be held accountable.
  • Motorcycle Accidents – Georgia motorcycle accidents often involve injuries that are far more serious than the average fender-bender. In many motorcycle collisions with cars or trucks, the driver of the other vehicle or a dangerous roadway hazard caused the accident.
  • Violent Physical and Sexual Assault – An assault, rape, kidnapping, robbery, mugging, shooting or murder can occur at a public place because of a lapse in security, including failure to provide adequate locks or employing careless security officers.
  • Accidental Shootings – Millar & Mixon attorneys stand with those who have been injured or have lost loved ones in accidental shootings.
  • Wrongful Death – Wrongful death cases in Georgia are very different from other personal injury cases. Wrongful death cases can be complex, as the claim is intended to recover the loss of future earnings, pain and suffering, and other factors relating to the unjust loss of life.
  • Paralysis and Catastrophic Injury – Future health care costs for a victim of paralysis or another catastrophic injury can be staggering. Catastrophic injuries require attorneys to be familiar with complex medical issues and to have access to the best and most-experienced experts.
  • Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents – When a pedestrian or bicyclist’s injury or death is caused by the negligence of a motor vehicle operator, sometimes the pain of unanswered questions is what cuts the deepest. Millar & Mixon gets answers, as well as deserved compensation, for people who are injured and for the survivors of individuals killed in Georgia accidents involving pedestrians and bikes.
  • Slip-and-Fall Injuries – Dangerous or defective conditions, such as unreasonably slippery surfaces, defective stairways and railings, and improper maintenance of interior and exterior floors, sidewalks and lawns, could be a cause for a personal injury claim.
  • Dog Bites – Georgia’s dog bite laws are more protective of dog owners and less protective of victims than the laws in some other states. But animal attack victims can obtain the compensation they deserve with the help of an experienced Atlanta dog bite lawyer.
  • Workplace Injuries – If you are hurt in a worksite accident, workers’ compensation benefits are likely to pay only a portion of the cost of your recovery. Depending on the facts of your specific injury and its cause, additional types of claims and compensation may be available to help you.

We Focus on Personal Injury Law 

You probably see advertisements from attorneys who say they handle “personal injury and dangerous drugs” or “personal injury and domestic cases.” At Millar & Mixon, our primary focus is on personal injury cases. We believe that to be highly successful and effective, lawyers should focus on just a very few areas of law. That is what we do.

We focus on quality of representation.

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Atlanta Personal Injury Attorneys & Car Accident Lawyers

The Atlanta Personal Injury and Georgia car accident attorneys of Millar & Mixon, LLC, believe these are startling facts: Each year, roughly 833,000 people are involved in a motor vehicle crash within our state as a driver, passenger or pedestrian, according to the state's Department of Motor Vehicle Safety (DMVS). Out of these accident victims, roughly 131,000 suffer injuries, and nearly 1,600 die.
These aren't just numbers. They're lives. Unfortunately, they are lives that are tragically cut short or changed forever by accidents that could have been prevented.

Under Georgia law, car, truck and motorcycle accident victims and their families have a right to seek compensation for their injuries through a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent or reckless driver who caused the accident. However, it's important to take action right away. Under our state's statute of limitations, the right to file or settle a claim may be lost if it is not filed within two years of the date of injury or death.
Since 1993, Millar & Mixon, LLC, has helped accident victims throughout Atlanta and across Georgia to recover for their injuries or the loss of loved one, allowing us to develop a high level of expertise in this area of the law.

To learn how we can help you, call us today at 404-994-6426. We provide free consultations, and we don't charge for our services unless you recover damages.

Call or fill in our quick-contact form daytime, evening or weekend, you will be connected to and speak with one of our car accident attorneys!

Common Causes of Georgia Car Accidents

When our car accident attorneys take on a case, we engage in a thorough investigation of how the crash occurred. Our lawyers often bring in accident reconstruction experts, mechanical engineers and other professionals who specialize in car accident cases to assist the attorney in determining the cause. Although every case is different, the factors that we most commonly identify are:

Speeding, Drunk driving, Drowsy driving, Mechanical failures and Texting while driving / cell phone use

Compensation for Georgia Car Accident Victims:

Developing car accident lawsuits can be complex. It demands the assistance of a skilled and experienced attorney. In addition to determining the cause of the wreck and the parties responsible, a qualified lawyer can stand up for your rights against insurance companies that will try to pay the lowest possible amount for your losses. In some cases, an accident victim might even have to battle with their own insurer to recover money under an uninsured / underinsured (UM / UIM) policy.

The car accident lawyers of Millar & Mixon, LLC, have the background to handle almost any type of car, truck or motorcycle accident, and we have a history of producing successful results for our clients. Since 1993, we have recovered more than $60 million in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits.

Among the damages we may be able to recover are:
Special damages -- Economic losses, such as past and future medical expenses, funeral costs, and lost past and future wages
General damages -- Non-economic losses, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, disfigurement or the loss of society and companionship of a loved one
Punitive damages -- The amount awarded to punish and deter a defendant and others from engaging in willful misconduct that endangers others. Under Georgia law, this amount can be capped at $250,000 unless the accident involves a drunk driver -- in which case, there is no cap.

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