Bill Designed to End Wrongful Deaths on Daycare Vehicles

The Georgia House of Representatives is considering a bill that would force drivers of daycare center vans and buses to physically check for children before leaving the vehicles after each trip.

The Jazmin Green Act would require alarms on every daycare center bus or van that transports children under the age of 6. Drivers would have to physically turn off the alarms positioned at the rear of the vehicle, and by doing so check for children in the van or bus.

Jazmin Green was a 2-year-old who died after being left in a hot daycare center van in Jonesboro for more than two hours last June. Investigators said no one had checked for children on the van, and that the center had been cited last March for not following proper procedures when transporting children.

The House bill is only in committee this week and has a long way to go before it may become law.

While alarms on vans and buses would help to prevent the kind of wrongful death Jazmin Green suffered, detractors say alarms are expected to cost from $99 to $300 dollars, according to CBS Atlanta.

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